Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ubuntu vs Kubuntu

Normally I run Kubuntu (Ubuntu with the KDE on it), but recently I decided to give Unity a try, which is the default program for Ubuntu.

Because it's all Ubuntu underneath, I was able to install the Unity packages from within Kubuntu. After logging off and logging back on, I can now select which one I want to run, KDE or Unity.

One nice thing is that even running Unity, all of my favorite KDE programs are still installed and available! I also have access to all of my files.

I really like KDE, but I've discovered that I'm not much of a tinkerer with the software. I'll do an initial setup, then I'm pretty much happy to run with the defaults.

On Unity I like the launcher bar on the left hand side. I've got my 6-7 favorite applications locked to it.

The weather application "my-weather-indicater" has a lot of features I like, but the auto refresh doesn't work. I have to manually refresh it. No big deal, as it's easy to refresh from the top menu bar.

I'll run with this for a few weeks. I'm hoping to buy a new hard drive in a few weeks, and that will require a fresh install of Linux.

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