Saturday, July 18, 2015

52 Words Every Christian Should Know Cont.

16. Miracles – A miracle is a powerful intervention worked by God or some other supernatural agent in which ordinary operations (the laws of nature) are displaced, often serving as public signs authenticating the human agent through whom the miracle is performed.

17. Marriage – A God-given institution, is a legally recognized relationship, made formal by a civil or religious ceremony, between one man and one woman, who commit to live together in maintaining a home, to share sexual intimacy, and (usually) to bear and rear children.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

52 Words Every Christian Should Know Cont.

13. Great Commandments – The Great commandments are Jesus' summary of the religious and moral message of the Scriptures of His day, and the New Testament shows their expanded application. Christians live by these two overarching principles not only in this life, but also for eternity.

14. Image of God – Human beings resemble God in that they have personality, morality, and spirituality; further, thy represent God as His agent to the animals and the rest of creation. Although sin has marred the imaged of God in everyone except Christ, the image is not destroyed.

15. Angels – An angel is one of the multitudes of personal supernatural spirit beings that God made. All angels were created good, but some fell into evil. In English, “angel” is derived directly from the Greek angelos, meaning “messenger,” one function of certain good angels.

Relief from the Heat!

Some relief from the heat today, it's only in the 60s at lunchtime! Going to get hotter this weekend, but I'll take this temporary break from the heat.