Monday, May 02, 2016

Genesis 1

Went to Rewired this weekend. It's a men's conference down at Falls Creek. Usually I love the music, but this year it was a dud. Seemed to be geared more for hipsters than good theological lyrics. Bummer. But the teaching was good, and we had several speakers to include Dr Tony Evans!

We had a devotional guide to work through once we got back home. Today was Day one, and we started with Genesis One. One thing that stood out to me was that five time when God created something, He said it was "good". But on the sixth day after creating man, He said it was, "very good". That impressed me. Saved the best for last and all.

Working on finding a new job, the teaching gig is coming to an end May 27th! OKC public school is shedding positions, and mine is one of them (last hired and all of that).

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