Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Hard drive for Netbook = failure

In my box of spare parts I came across a 2.5 inch 500 GB hard drive. My HP Mini 110 currently has a 320 HD, and I thought it would be fun to swap in a new one.

Currently it's running Point Linux, so I used the opportunity to check out a new Linux Distro. I settled on Rosa Fresh, a quirky distro out of Russia that takes my favorite GUI (KDE) and does something different with it. I spent Friday loading it and downloading updates. However once I closed the lid and opened it, I was staring at a black screen! The CPU fan was running, and the lights on the side, but no display. This became a reproducible problem where I had to shut the computer down and  restart. After that the cycle would repeat when I closed the lid.

Thinking the distro was too much for my poor little netbook, I switched to Peppermint OS, a lightweight distro. Spent Saturday installing Peppermint, only to discover the same "no display" problems! Pondered it overnight, and decided to go back to the original 320 HD. Swapped it out this morning, and it's having no problems coming out of  sleep mode.

Haven't decided yet whether to try another distro, or just leave Point Linux on it. 

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