Monday, May 01, 2017

It's been a few months, but I'm going to start posting to this blog again. Time to dust off the writing skills and get back into the routine.

Made the transition to Minnesota back in January. New job is going well, but miss the family back in Oklahoma. Made a trip back home a few weeks ago, but ended up being sick with a sinus problem, and the Oklahoma allergies didn't help! Now the clan is planning on visiting Minnesota sometime in June. Two of my kids have been to Minnesota, but my youngest two have never been up here. Looking forward to taking them to some of the sites, like the Mall of America, the Twineball in Darwin, and eating burgers at White Castle.

For church I found a small Baptist church just up the street from where I'm staying. Lots of fun, and I'm enjoying getting involved with the activities. Also contacted the local Trail Life representative about possibly volunteering while I'm here. Want to stay involved and not just sit around the house all day.

The joys of technology, I'm typing this as I ride the train into Minneapolis!

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