Friday, September 04, 2015

52 Words Every Christian Should Know cont...

29. Messiah - “Messiah” is the English spelling of a Hebrew (Old Testament) term meaning “anointed one.” This title refers to the One promised by the prophets. In Greek (New testament), the same term is “Christ.” Early Christians turned “Christ” into a name for Jesus.

30. Kingdom of God – The kingdom of God is His rule through His messianic King. According to Jesus' teaching, the kingdom was both present and future. All who believe in and follow Him are already in the kingdom, yet the kingdom will be gloriously revealed at the return of Christ.

31. Son of Man – A phrase occurring in both Testaments, “Son of Man” was Jesus' favorite title for Himself. In the Old Testament it usually meant “human being,” but in Daniel 7 He was a mysterious messianic figure. Jesus used this title as an alternative to calling Himself the Messiah.

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