Friday, August 28, 2015

Linux - Back to Kubuntu

For the last five to six months, my main desktop was running OpenSUSE 13.2, and overall I liked it. Over the past couple of months I notice that each time the kernel was updated, I had to manually go in and recompile the video drivers for my NVIDIA video card. At most it took about 5 minutes, so I wasn't all that bothered by it. However one day two weeks ago I got the usual command line prompt after a kernel upgrade. But this time the usual manual recompile trick didn't work. After working on it for a day, I decided to jump ship and try another distro. I'm a big fan of KDE, so I went with Kubuntu 15.04 first, which features the new Plasma 5 desktop. I really like the layout, but at this time there is no icon in the system tray for Dropbox, so you don't know if Dropbox is working or not. I played around with several other distros, until I finally settled on Kubuntu 14.04, with is a LTS (Long Term Support) release. It still features KDE4, and the Dropbox icon works perfectly. I came to the conclusion that stability and familiarity is more important for me on my main desktop then the latest bells and whistles. In comparison, OpenSUSE 13.2 is running on my Dell Vostro 1500 notebook, and I've yet to have a problem with it.

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