Wednesday, June 17, 2015

52 Words Every Christian Should Know

A while back I came across the book, "52 Words Every Christian Should Know" by Kendell Easley. I'm impressed by it because in this age of post-modernism where words can mean whatever you want, Christian theology is being twisted into something that robs the believer of the original definition and meaning.
The author picked 52 concepts of the Christian faith, and gives definitions and explanations of each. As I read them I'll post what the author gives as a definition of each word.
 My intent is to understand the original meaning of doctrine, not what our culture has changed it to mean.

1. Glory God's glory is the display of His greatness, goodness, and beauty so that persons are aware of Him through sensory experiences such as sight and sound. To glorify God means to respond to His revealed glory in the ways Scripture teaches, such as praise, love, joy and obedience.

2. Holiness – Holiness is the quality of being set apart. God is holy because He is like no other, and He exists eternally as the Holy Spirit. God's holiness includes His moral perfection and righteousness. Persons, places, and things set apart for God are hold rather than common.

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